Friday, August 29, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Being: Welcome

Well hello there.


Ummmm, now what? 

Here I find myself with a fresh new space, millions of words and thoughts floating around my head and none of them slowing down enough to get out.

I've always loved the idea of being a writer, but sometimes it's a struggle. 
Be it time, space or just making sense of the nonsense, I struggle to make writing a priority. 
Then I worry about my voice. 
I want to be authentic and honest, but sometimes the thought of exposing my thoughts to the world (wide web) is scary. 
And then editing myself is even scarier, I mean why do I need to simmer down my thoughts?

So in saying that welcome.

Welcome to my sacred space -

To learn, to discover, to inspire and to my world of Being Be.

I hope you'll join me for the ride, I'm not promising to change your life,
but you never know............